Second Coming of Christ



Second Coming of ChristSecond Coming of ChristSecond Coming of Christ


God - Second Coming of Christ


Can you provide Evidence
God Exists?


Yes I Can. Gods Legacy Trust LLC will be built from the “Birthrights”/Legacies of His Children. This everlasting Entity/ Kingdom will fund the payroll of Physicians and Nurses at the “Body of Christ”. Once His Kingdom is built, we will Witness His Healing Hand. There will be no mistaking His Holy Spirit dwelling among us after His metaphorical “Second Coming” and the “Rapture” of the deceased.



1. The state of being transported by a lofty emotion; ecstasy.

2. An expression of ecstatic feeling. Often used in the plural.

3. The transporting of a person from one place to another, especially to heaven.



Rapture will occur when a “kinsman redeemer” (i.e. heir) enters their “Birthright”/Legacy into the “Book of Life”. Just as King David and King Solomon are in unrest, our ancestors await their “Final Judgment” following redemption from their Living Heirs. This is why King David was told not to build a house of Cedar for our God, (i.e. God doesn't require a physical structure for His “Promised Kingdom”), He requires the “Birthrights” of mankind to fulfill His “Second Coming”.


I WILL... speak in tongues now for those with a limited Biblical frame of reference.


You see when you die (i.e. croak, buy the farm, check out) your Stuff creates your Legacy (i.e. like the rich dudes get to do for their kids e.g. Rockefeller). This way your widow (i.e. old lady, battle ax, love of my life) will not be able to squander your stuff with her new partner (i.e. boyfriend, leach, squeeze, new love of her life) nor will your children (i.e. rugrats, booger eaters, joy of my life) get their hands on your stuff either. Instead, your private foundation will forever cut Legacy checks to all of them (except new boyfriend) with your inspirational (i.e. cool, who I AM... I was here) words to be remembered by.


Within my own family, my daughter could have received Legacy checks from her late Grandfather (Mother's side) all during her college years and could have looked forward to getting Legacy checks for the rest of her life. I believe her “Pop Pop” would have liked that. I can't even tell you my Grandfather's name and so too the memory of hers will fade.


So how does this prove His Existence? God made one financial demand, “First Fruits” (i.e. 10% of your personal Harvest to be given unto Him). Many will fund the “Body of Christ” during their lifetimes, but will selfishly bury their “Talents” in the sand at their passing. (i.e. “you can't take it with you”). Legacy Will and Trust will provide a means for your life long earnings to be invested into our Earthly World , for the benefit of your heirs and fellow man . Gods Legacy Trust LLC will provide the means to invest the “First Fruits” of your Estate/”Birthright”/Legacy and His “Promised Kingdom” will Heal His Children. This is the prophetic, metaphorical “Second Coming” we have anticipated. A World where our One God is redeemed by the Love of Humanity to Save Humanity. I pray to see “IT” in my lifetime. “How much longer must we wait Lord?” The song of the dead awaiting



Merry Christmas 2011... Thank You for the Gift. Your Faithful, Loving, Humbled Servant,


All Men...