Second Coming of Christ



Second Coming of ChristSecond Coming of ChristSecond Coming of Christ


Second Coming of Christ


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Man... do I have the Lion's share of those. Lord, why am I so inundated with Demons and Battle an addictive personality? Was this some kind of joke on Mankind? Man... I pray at this point you understand why you have all of these Beastly thoughts running through your mind. I have them too. It's okay, there is no reason to be shameful. “IT” is how we have evolved from the mistakes of Adam, Eve and the “Serpent” of Lucifer. The “First Sin”. (i.e. 3some)


"IT" is the Judgmentalism of our brother that is the key to forgiveness. Who are we to Judge anyone? Yet we do “IT” without any thought of who “IT” may affect. I must mention that many that seek acceptance from their brother, fall prey to those that would hypocritically stand in Judgment over the Guilt of “SELF”.


You must find your “SELF”, within your “SELF” and not through your Judgmental peers.


Even as I write a Battle with Sloth wages within my “SELF”. I'm tired of this, I want to be finished. The Beast Sloth is probably my biggest nemesis. I have so many Demons that I battle and Sloth can be the number one if I allow “IT”. Pride may cometh before the fall, but a sense of pride will keep me off entitlement programs that my successful brothers have provided for the ones in TRUE NEED.


Let me be the first to raise my hand in confessing my Demons. Demons come in a very large variety and prey upon the weaknesses of “SELF”. We all have our particular Demons we endulge our "SELF" with and we take them out to play with them. If we understand what our Demons are we can better restrain them so they do not affect others and possibly overcome them for our “SELF”.

- Ophiuchus