Second Coming of Christ



Second Coming of ChristSecond Coming of ChristSecond Coming of Christ


Second Coming of Christ


 Dear Ms. Jill Weiner,


I was referred to you by a very helpful representative Harrison Miller. I appreciate you taking the time to understand how my Congressional Bill proposal coincides with the Fidelity Charitable Gift Pool.


My understanding of the pool is a minimum initial Gift of $100,000.00 is entered into a designated pool diversified with multiple investments and select Charitable Institutions. The donor creates his/her own personal foundation via a LLC and can name said foundation anything of his/her choice. This foundation will forward the yielded annual proceeds to the Charities of choice eternally as long as said Charity complies with 501C requirements. The foundation will continue to exist as long as there are existing members. This is how one navigates through the perpetuity laws. The same can be achieved for individuals that want to leave a Legacy to their heirs. The heirs become living members of the LLC to fulfill the perpetuity.


The Legacy Will and Trust Bill follows a similar pattern as the Fidelity Pool, but encompasses the donors heirs as well. If the commitment of the Donor were held off until the execution of his/her Last Will and Testament, life insurance proceeds could make up for the short falls of life long earnings and facilitate a personal Legacy for all.


There is so much more that I have to tell you, but for now please examine the Congressional Bill proposal (Legacy Will and Trust Bill) that I have included in this package. This Bill proposal is stuck in the bureaucracy of the Congressional Research Service with an indefinite time for response. I pray Fidelity can see the benefit of providing individuals a means to create a Will and personal Foundation Free of charge. This Free product is a $5000.00 or more minimum value over hiring Estate attorneys to produce a Trust with limited perpetuity, not a personal foundation which is eternal. Fidelity's new clients will be able to prepare for the future needs of their family before they're gone with their own personal Foundation/Legacy. Each of us can have a Legacy to be forever remembered and benefit our future generations. Our generations Legacy is a mountain of debt, but the Legacy Will and Trust Bill can alter our financial course headed for inevitable financial implosion.



I want to Thank You in advance for your consideration and support, 


Nathan J. Isbell

P. O. Box 1371

Gulf Shores, Al. 36547