Second Coming of Christ



Second Coming of ChristSecond Coming of ChristSecond Coming of Christ

Second Coming of Christ


To: Foundation Source 

I would like to create a private foundation upon the execution of my Last Will and Testament. Can you create a Will that would take care of immediate family affairs and invest the remainder of undeclared inheritance into a LLC of my naming? I would like for my heirs and selected Charities to be the living members and fulfill perpetuity. This is how I would choose to bequeath my life long earnings and/or Life Insurance death benefits. I do not wish to deliver a large lump sum of money to my immediately family for it to be squandered. I wish for my perpetual heirs to receive a check from my Legacy with my inspirational words written on each and every check to every benefactor eternally.


These are my wishes and I believe they would be the wishes of many others. It has been my philanthropic dream and mission to share this concept with others to no avail. To illustrate what I'm trying to convey, please examine the Congressional Bill proposal I have included in this package. Please also find a letter to Fidelity Investment Group inquiring about their Charitable Gift Fund. 

My present finances prevent me from being the philanthropist in my heart, but at my passing I'll be afforded the ability to fulfill dreams. 

Thank You very much in advance for your consideration, 


Nathan J. Isbell

P. O. Box 1371

Gulf Shores, Al. 36547