Second Coming of Christ



Second Coming of ChristSecond Coming of ChristSecond Coming of Christ

Second Coming of Christ 
"You Better Watch Out"


be home for Christmas.
You can count on me.

"IF ONLY" in my dreams.


Letter to God:
“I AM... I WILL...”
have I not???


My “Wonderful Counselor”, 

Have I not consumed the Seven Sealed Scroll and revealed “IT's” arcane contents?

Have I not fulfilled the “Last Acts” of King David and King Solomon?

Have I not recorded these acts in the prophetic “book of Nathan the prophet”?

Have I not articulated the meaning of 666 and theBeast that dwells within all hearts? 

Have I not interpreted Spiritual Metaphors meant to transcend through time to fulfill Your METAPHORICAL

“Second Coming”? 

Have I not seen Your Kingdom arise, from the “Birthrights” of three... Just Generations?

Have I not opened “The Book of Life”, for our Legacies to be the Salvation of mankind?

 Have I not explained Your Will for us is... our Will for others?

 Have I not confessed my sins publicly and plead for forgiveness?

Have I not forgiven my transgressors, as I desire the same?

Have I not restrained my Beastly thoughts derived from “SELF”? 

Have I not heard and written Your Words, You have spoken to my heart?

Have I not presented Your Gift to my brothers and sisters in Christ, to no avail?

Have I not evolved to my “brother's keeper”, instead of a brother in need of being kept?

Have I not an understanding and purpose worthy of my reborn name in Christ?

Have I not comprehension of the written words and paintings of prophets past, as pieces of a misinterpreted prophetic enigma?

Have I not spoken in tongues to those with limited frames of reference and are blinded to the fourth dimension?

Have I not shown them how their Demons can consume them, as mine consume me? 

Have I not accepted You my “Wonderful Counselor”, to Battle the Demons that wage war within me? 

Have I not given them the same tools for Battle, You gave to me? 

Have I not lost sight of Love and Faith, Battling Regret? 

Have I not been a humbled, faithful servant? 

Have I not created You a Face for Your Eternal Healing Kingdom, “Gods Legacy Trust LLC” and maintained my anonymity?

Have I not the Strength of King David, the Wisdom of King Solomon and the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ in my Heart to deliver Your Gift, Your Holy Will for us? 

Have I not eaten “The Body of Christ” and felt Your Healing Hand? 

Have I not drank “The Blood of Christ” and redeemed the “Birthrights” of Abraham? 

Have I not fulfilled the prophetic roles as “Witness” for Christ, a “kinsman redeemer” of Kings and “Master Builder”, unveiling the Father's Plan to build Your Promised, Eternal, Healing Kingdom? 

Have I not carried this Cross I bear for Your Children long enough?

Have I not been forgiven of my unforgivable sins?

Have I not pulled the sharp sword from my mouth and fulfilled my prophetic destiny?

Have I not a vision of Love, Truth and World Peace? 

Have I not a TRUTHFUL, personal relationship with You? 

Have I not thirty pieces of Silver to ransom, for the Guilt of Judas?

Have I not ONE ETHEREAL GOD or the Beast “SELF”... to serve? 

With a Tear of Blind Faith, have I not failed You My Lord and Savior, have I not...? - Ophiuchus 











(after posting Letter to God: "I AM... I WILL..." have I not?)

David W. Voyles
Please keep the posts to things pertaining to the Bible and not things about Ophiuchus. Would love to hear what you think about the Bible and how it can encourage others to follow after God.

22 hours ago
Nathan Isbell
Ophiuchus is my new name in Christ, discovered while seeking my purpose for God. My purpose is to reveal the contents of the Seven Sealed Scroll Rev 5:1-5. This is what I think about the Bible, the misinterpreted Spiritual metaphors that hinder His Second Coming. Can you ask your followers how they interpret God's Last Will and Testament?

20 hours ago
David W. Voyles
I hope not. The origins of the name are from a serpent and astrological signs of which God are against. Where do you get that you need a new name in Christ? It is not your purpose. It was John's. He was told to write it down. Where does it say in the Bible that you were needed to interpret the seven sealed scroll? It is not of any private interpretation. He reveals the contents in Chapters 6 and 7. The first 6 seals is God's wrath on an unrepentant world in hopes that some will choose Him; which some do (Tribulation Saints), and the 7th seal is introducing the next set of wrath to be poured out through the 6 trumpets. The 7th trumpet is to reveal the mystery of iniquity and introduce the last chance to repent and turn to God through His last judgments in the 7 vials. The Bible is not a place for self-exaltation. I was hoping you could come to grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18). You are welcome to stay and be encouraged in the Word of God. Even share through expository posts. Please don't think we will reject if you are not like the rest of us. We will accept you. You don't need some hidden revelation to be part of the Body of Christ. Just be willing to be a part of it, to edify it and the Head; Jesus Christ.

14 hours ago
Nathan Isbell
I would love to rebuttal all your quandaries, but this forum has you as Judge, Jury and Executioner. Will you permit me to re-post my letter to God on your wall and allow a Jury of your Facebook Friends to find me innocent or guilty of what I feel is my purpose for God and the Salvation of Mankind? The Seven Sealed Scroll is the World's Largest Enigma and worthy of a discussion on a Bible Forum. We can always agree to disagree and respectful debate is healthy for all that wish to expand their Biblical frame of reference. Wouldn't you agree?

9 hours ago
David W. Voyles
No, then I would not be doing my job as a shepherd if I let every wind of false doctrine in the group to confuse people. We want to edify the faith of others and have worrying about fanciful imaginations that can not be proven by scripture. You can plead your case with the site creator, Peter Mhone. Let him know that I am being unfair and show him what you want to post. He is more knowledgeable than me. God has chosen His Son for the salvation of mankind. I don't think He would leave salvation to your interpretation of the 7 seals?

9 hours ago
Nathan Isbell
Is "IT" your job as a "shepherd" to shield others of doctrine your frame of reference deems false. Are you that secure in your understanding of an enigmatic, metaphorical, prophetic, spiritual Bible enough to condemn others of their beliefs if they do not concur with your own? "Judge... Have Thy Not?"

8 hours ago
David W. Voyles
Yes. If you have read the Bible, this is not new to warn others against un-Biblical teaching; Jude, Paul. Paul even handed two of them over to the devil, so that their doctrine would not "eat as a canker" to the others.

8 hours ago
Nathan Isbell
You should post this dialogue to inform your followers what a great job you are doing in sheltering them. I would be curious to know how the sheeple would consider your authoritativeness as it over rides their own quest for the "TRUTH". And I have read the Bible, many times and have seen many things that are not in your frame of reference. Let them decide.

8 hours ago
David W. Voyles
No, there goes your self-importance popping up? Sad.

8 hours ago
Nathan Isbell
Not sure it's mine. Hypocritically Sad.