Second Coming of Christ



Second Coming of ChristSecond Coming of ChristSecond Coming of Christ

Second Coming of Christ


Dear Ms. Kate Blanchard,

I am Spiritual, not fundamentally religious. To strictly adhere to a doctrine compiled by St. Jerome (Commissioned by Pope Damasus) would not be prudent. The books of the Bible were written in many dialects, so it took a man that was not only fluent in many languages, but understood the slang of the culture so as to be better equipped to convey the proper context of the message. Quite a task for any mortal. He understood the spiritual side of the books and added his own metaphorical enigmatic style. He was inspired to deliver a message that would transcend through time. Correct me if I'm wrong, but even his compilations weren't accepted by the Catholic Church until centuries after his death.

As my own life fell apart, I sought out my purpose for God. Heartbroken and bewildered, I found the strength through Christ to "Endeavor to Persevere". My purpose for God is to unveil the arcane contents of the Seven Sealed Scroll. His Last Will and Testament - God's Law as the Holy Spirit revealed "IT" to my heart.

To understand His Will, you must understand "Birthrights". Esau thought so little of his, he sold them for a mere bowl of soup to his brother Jacob/Israel. The significance to this parable is unparalelled and often misintrepreted.

King David wanted to build a house of cedar for God, but was warned by the Prophet Nathan it was not his place, but his seed. They assumed King Solomon would build this house and missed the metaphorical interpretation of a Eternal Entity/Kingdom for a Ethereal God. As the "Last Acts" of Kings I present you as a kinsman redeemer, His Holy Gift to us. My humble interpretation of the World's Largest Enigma...   
Legacy Will and Trust.

I was compelled to keep a journal of my spiritual awakening. I found my purpose and a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ aka "The Wonderful Counselor". I pray my free journals will give others a better understanding of how they too can achieve a personal relationship, not a religion. As prophesied, you will witness a Battle of Good Vs. Evil, as I battle the Beast within me and within you, spawned from the seed of Lucifer since Paradise Lost.

I pray my acts of blind faith and a personal understanding of His Will for us, will finally build His Prophetic Kingdom and fulfill His metaphorical "Second Coming". If "IT" is His Will for me to be a Witness, I invite all my brothers and sisters in Christ to be the other in their own personal benevolent way.

Spiritually Eternal,

Nathan Jerome Isbell aka Ophiuchus (My Name in Christ)