Second Coming of Christ



Second Coming of ChristSecond Coming of ChristSecond Coming of Christ

Second Coming of Christ


Letters To:

These are some of the many letters I wrote to the powers that be to fulfill His Second Coming.

  • Can you provide Evidence God Exists?
    Once His Kingdom is built, we will Witness His Healing Hand. There will be no mistaking His Holy Spirit dwelling among us after the metaphorical “Second Coming” of Christ and the “Rapture” of the dead.
  • Whom does "IT" concern?
    “IT” should concern us all that Religious Leaders have generationally passed along Biblical metaphors filled with misinterpretations of the “TRUTH”. The metaphorical “Second Coming” of Christ tops the list as no one has been able to interpret His Last Will and Testament aka “The Seven Sealed Scroll”. (Rev 5:1-5).
  • Foundation Source
    The letter to Foundation Source is one of many as I attempt to deliver His Gift and Witness the "Second Coming" of Christ.
  • Investment VS. Usury
    The Master advocate Investment, not usury. The "Second Coming" of Christ will only happen when we build His Promised Kingdom. We must all collectively invest into our World at our passing.
  • Mr. Jacque Fresno
    The "Second Coming" of Christ will come and I pray to see "IT" in my lifetime. This letter was sent to Mr. Jacque Fresno founder of the Venus Project.
  • Fidelity Investments
    I reached out to Fidelity Investments to no avail. The "Second Coming" of Christ will not be limited to any one investment firm.
  • Peter G. Peterson
    I still have faith in the Peter G. Peterson Foundation to build the functioning Legacy Will and Trust website to fulfill the "Second Coming" of Christ.
  • LegalZoom
    Legacy Will and Trust will enable everyone to create their own Free Will, Living Will and Legacy Free of Charge. The Legacies of the Deceased will facilitate the "Second Coming" of Christ.
  • Pastor Rick Long
    The arrows of judgmentalism will come home to roost as Pastor Rick Long personally discovered. The "Second Coming" of Christ is still forgiving. Just Ask.
  • Noam Chomsky PhD
    Noam Chomsky PhD, I am familiar with you through your contributions to the movie "Selling God". The "Second Coming" of Christ will take a "Leap of Faith" and one Hell of a Saleman.
  • M. Kappel
    This is a typical response to writer's like M. Kappel that I never hear back from. The "Second Coming" of Christ will come without the assistance of the verbally robust.
  • Kate Blanchard
    Letter to Kate Blanchard for the "Secoming Coming" of Christ.
  • Martin Weiss
    Letter to Martin Weiss for the "Second Coming" of Christ.
  • Mr. Strange
    Letter to Mr. Strange Legislative Assistant of Congressman Jo Bonner for the "Second Coming" of Christ.
  • Porter Stansberry
    I subscribe to Porter Stansberry and his financial publication. Just as Joseph needed the records of the Nile, I too follow the tides to fulfill the "Second Coming" of Christ.
  • Radio Interview
    Radio Interviews about the "Second Coming" of Christ.