Second Coming of Christ



Second Coming of ChristSecond Coming of ChristSecond Coming of Christ

Second Coming of Christ


M. Kappel,

Please check out my blog to see the final outcome of a very manic ride. "The Legacy Will and Trust Congressional Bill". I have been trying to be heard with a concept for 7 yrs now and no one has ever been able to refute my claims. I guess I am being dismissed as a religious nut because I haven't bought into the hypocrisy. 

The books are a journal of how I found a personal relationship with Christ and my purpose for God fulfilling Prophecy. Book of Nathan.  I pray they help others to find their own purpose and relationship with "The Wonderful Counselor" aka The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. 

I have written many more unpublished letters and posted many times on Facebook.

There is certainly a reason for a Book of Nathan III, but until I gain some traction with the other two books, I'd rather hold off. Interpreting Spiritual Metaphors meant to transcend through time to fulfill His Metaphorical "Second Coming", among many others, is mentally stressful and is like "Speaking in Tongues" to those without a Biblical frame of reference. 

To sum up the experience in a few short words, the books are a Social perspective of God presented by a sinner seeking Redemption for the benefit of mankind. 

Thank you in advance,

Nathan J. Isbell

Even if you choose not to take on this project, I'd still like for someone to tell me why my interpretation of His Will (Seven Sealed Scroll) for us won't build His Promised Kingdom (Gods Legacy Trust LLC). Just imagine, "The Body of Christ" healing His children and funded by the Estates (Birthrights) of the Deceased. If that is not a metaphorical "Second Coming", then I'll hang my prophet's hat up for good. I never did get any paychecks from the Board of Prophets anyway. LOL

Much of Book of Nathan II are epiphanies and are meant to be digested and thought through. This is not a quick read book. I pray to fulfill my prophetic destiny by recording the "Last Acts" of Kings as a "kinsman redeemer" and deliver God's Gift to mankind.