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Second Coming of ChristSecond Coming of ChristSecond Coming of Christ

Mr. Strange - Second Coming of Christ


Good Morning Mr. Strange,

I want to let you know how much I appreciate all of your efforts. I hope the CRS will be able to provide Congressman Bonner the evaluation he needs to pursue the Legacy Will and Trust Bill further. I must admit, the open-ended timeline of a response concerns me since I have been trying to get this concept heard for seven years and feel a sense of urgency as President Obama searches for solutions to Job creation. Only now has "IT" evolved to a Revenue Generating Bill, that concisely conveys the message that is so arcane for most to grasp and difficult for me to deliver.

I could put my mind at ease knowing Congressman Bonner fully understands short of Apathy, Narrow Mindedness and/or Corruption, that this concept of bequeathing life long earnings via personal foundations can eternally provide Passive Income to Heirs, fuel Wall Street, create Jobs, rebuild Social Security, facilitate Welfare, support Charities and provide FREE HEALTHCARE – all funded by the Estates of the Deceased. Imagine, all of the aforementioned by simply creating a FREE Will and Personal Foundation by U.S. Citizens that want to invest their Legacy into the sanctity of their own future generations and leave a Legacy of Hope.

Luke, can you please share this with the Congressman and offer my humble request for a response from him personally via email or phone? I would like to get this off my conscious and on to someone else's that can make a difference in our Country's future as well as the World's.

Thank You in Advance,

Nathan J. Isbell