Second Coming of Christ



Second Coming of ChristSecond Coming of ChristSecond Coming of Christ

Second Coming of Christ


Dear Noam Chomsky PhD,

I am familiar with you through your contributions to the movie "Selling God". It was refreshing to see that others share the same views as I when it comes to the misinterpretations of a metaphorical, enigmatic Bible that has been used for the benefit of Man's own greed and power agenda for generations.

I am contacting you to ask for your assistance in having my message heard by the spiritually enlightened sect of our society. The things that I have to tell you would not be in the frame of reference of most and therefore would be like speaking in tongues.

King David
wanted to build a house for God and the Prophet Nathan warned it was not his place, but his seed. He assumed it would be King Solomon that would build this Temple, so it was built and then destroyed by the Babylonians. What these Kings did not understand was the meaning of an Ethereal, Eternal Entity as God's Kingdom. We now anticipate a second coming of Jesus Christ and once again, do not understand the metaphor. The Last Acts of Kings would be to erect His prophetically, Promised Kingdom and it is only now recorded in a supposed Lost (I contend prophetic) Book of Nathan the Prophet. The metaphor even eludes to a future time as the Last Acts would be prophetically fulfilled by a kinsman redeemer that chooses to pull the sharp sword from His mouth and Witness for our Lord and Savior.

There are many answers to metaphors that have been revealed to me while seeking my purpose for God, but for now I must scripturally stick with the unveiling of the World's Largest Enigma, Revelation 5 : 1 - 5. The Seven Sealed, Two-Sided Scroll in the right hand of Him who sits on the Heavenly Throne and awaits mankind to build His Promised Kingdom. The story of Esau giving up his birthrights was a huge clue as I began my quest to reveal the arcane contents of His Last Will and Testament.

I present to you a Gift from God, my humble interpretation of His Will, for your approval. The Legacy Will and Trust Bill. "God's Law" and the Salvation of Mankind.

I humbly request your help carrying this Cross I Bear for Christ. I need Congressional Co-Sponsors for this Bill and I need the Peter G. Peterson Foundation to build a Free Legacy Creator that will be the Vessel for our God to take His rightful place among us and Heal us with His own Hand (The Body of Christ) via the Birthrights of Mankind.

Respectfully Spiritual,

Nathan Jerome Isbell aka Ophiuchus (My Name in Christ)

Nicholas Olevsky D.D.
Bill Colwel Jr.
Charles Teel Jr. PhD
Bob Harvey PhD
G.W. Abersold PhD