Second Coming of Christ



Second Coming of ChristSecond Coming of ChristSecond Coming of Christ

Second Coming of Christ


Dear Mr. Peter G. Peterson,

It is people like you that inspire me and remind me there is still good in people. You have put up $1,000,000,000.00 ($1 Billion) of your own money to find a solution to the inevitable fiscal demise our Country is facing. I am assuming there are no winners of said prize as of yet. I can save you some money because I ask of no compensation, but I humbly request you use a portion of this prize money to build for the common good of all.

This concept of bequeathing life long earnings via personal foundations can eternally provide Passive Income to Heirs, fuel Wall Street, create Jobs, rebuild Social Security, facilitate Welfare, support Charities and provide FREE HEALTHCARE – all funded by the Estates of the Deceased.

I am in the process of proposing the Legacy Will and Trust Bill to Congress and have been told this Bill has been forwarded to the "Congressional Research Service, CRS". As I await to hear from them, I pray this letter will find it's way to you. This message is too valuable to be lost in the shuffle and neatly filed in Government Bureaucracy.

Peter, this is my purpose for God. I pray you can help me deliver His Gift to Mankind, it will take a Leap of Faith to overcome Apathy, Narrow mindedness and Corruption. Furthermore, I know in my heart people can think generationally, once the arcane contents of the Seven Sealed Scroll is revealed to His children. It will require Faith, Hope, Love and Charity to finally build His Prophetic, Promised, Healing Kingdom and fulfill His metaphorical Second Coming. It's as easy as creating a Free Personal Foundation/ LEGACY for ourselves. "Birthrights"...

Nathan J. Isbell aka Ophiuchus

CC: Michael A. Peterson, Vice Chairman

Joan Ganz Cooney Paul Newman, CFO
Susan Tanaka, Vice President Loretta Ucelli, Vice President
Christopher Sealey, Director Rik Treiber, Director
Myra Sung, Senior Manager Kara Alaimo, Press Secretary
Purnima Anand, Research Assistant Art Craig, Research Associate
Kristin Francoz, Research Assistant Jon Quinn, Research Associate
William Quinn, Communications Associate Tim Roeper, Research Associate
Your request to the Peter G. Peterson Foundation
Monday, October 3, 2011 9:37 AM
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Dear Mr. Isbell:

Thank you very much for your letter, and for acquainting the Foundation with We carefully reviewed the materials you sent. As you know, addressing our nation's fiscal challenges requires the active participation of every American, and your thoughts on how we can better educate and activate citizens across the country could not be timelier.

Unfortunately, the Foundation is unable to assist you with your project at this time. Let me suggest that you utilize the Foundation Center as a resource for identifying other potential funders.

We very much appreciate your attention to, and work on, these fundamentally important issues facing our nation. We encourage you to get involved with the Foundation's efforts by signing up for our newsletter at our website,

We regret that we must send such a discouraging reply and wish you success in securing support from other sources.


The Peter G. Peterson Foundation