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Second Coming of ChristSecond Coming of ChristSecond Coming of Christ

Second Coming of Christ


Dear Porter Stansberry – S&A Digest,


I have enjoyed the controversy over the issue of Social Security these last few weeks. I'm not a court mediator by no means, but I do see the sides of both parties. I'll be celebrating my 49th birthday this November 2011 and have contributed to a system that channels my non-invested proceeds/taxes to those already drawing from said system. Is that a Ponzi Scheme? Ab-so-freakin-lutely. Do I think those benefits that my folks are enjoying now will be available to me? No. If they are, does it make me a criminal to receive what the Government deems as lawful? From the perspective of buying into a criminal act the Government deems legal, one could justifiably deny criminal behavior and demand their entitlements regardless of who ultimately pays the price, our children, grandchildren...great grandchildren...etc... It is time we get past “SELF” and begin to think generationally.


You've mentioned true pension funds as a means for our future Social Security recipients to be weaned from the entitlement tit without effecting those anticipating/relying on those benefits. I can only make an optimistic assumption you believe these forcibly contributed funds will grow in value over a long term to provide for their needs later in spite of the corruption that we still witness with our Government and the mule of our economy, Wallstreet. If the sheeple can make the assumption that they can invest into our economy and reap rewards during their working years to provide for their retirement years, then they should also be able to make the same assumption at their passing to provide supplemental/passive eternal income for their heirs. Typically the life long earnings of individuals are immediately disbursed at the time of death, family division sometimes occurs and the proceeds are squandered. We can't take “IT” with us, but our heirs can quickly tee tee “IT” away without restraints or concerns for the deceased's wishes. Especially since Financial Intelligence has been inadvertently/purposefully omitted from our scholastic curriculum, thus continually creating slaves of materialism to feed the tax base.


Porter, you're not going to be able to convince most to not want what they believe their entitled, regardless of the repercussions. I appreciate the approach you take to find a solution to a mega financial problem rather than following the sentiments of the majority entitled sheeple. The shortsightedness, power, greed etc... of elected officials, past and present, has set us on an entitlement course that will be very difficult to break free from and this will cause rioting and rebellion with any attempts of austerity. I too have a viable solution to the inevitable fiscal implosion of our whole financial system and it involves how we bequeath our life long earnings.


“The Legacy Will and Trust Bill” -This concept of bequeathing life long earnings via personal foundations can eternally provide Passive Income to Heirs, fuel Wall Street, create Jobs, rebuild Social Security, facilitate Welfare, support Charities and provide FREE HEALTHCARE – all funded by the Estates of the Deceased.

I would very much appreciate you, your financially enlightened staff/friends or your remaining subscribers (I being one of them), to explain why this concept won't fix the fiscal direction our Generation is forging, short of apathy and corruption of course. Please Tell Me.


Thank you in advance for resolving my dilemma that keeps me in unrest. - Nathan J. Isbell paid up subscriber