Second Coming of Christ



Second Coming of ChristSecond Coming of ChristSecond Coming of Christ


Second Coming




To Whom does




“IT” should concern us all that Religious Leaders have generationally passed along Biblical metaphors filled with misinterpretations of the “TRUTH”. His metaphorical “Second Coming” tops the list as no one has been able to interpret His Last Will and Testament aka “The Seven Sealed Scroll”. (Rev 5:1-5). “IT” is an open ended metaphor intended for a “kinsman redeemer” to fulfill prophetic destiny as the “Last Acts” of Kings. You do believe the Bible/”Living Word” is a prophetic book right?


King David wanted to build a house of Cedar in Honor of our One God, but was told by the prophet Nathan of the time “IT” was not his place, but his seed. He assumed King Solomon would build this Temple and misunderstood the fact that God does not require a physical structure like the one the Babylonians destroyed, but an eternal entity as... His Promised Kingdom. This unfinished misinterpreted task would leave the Kings and mankind in unrest awaiting our Lord's prophetic return for “Rapture” to occur.


As we record our Names/Legacies/”Birthrights” in the “Book of Life”, we each become a “kinsman redeemer” for our own ancestors lost memory, so they may finally receive “Final Judgment”, “Rapture” of the deceased. “How much longer must we wait Lord?” This is the cry of our ancestors as they await their own redemption from their living heirs, in which generation remains to be seen.


I challenge anyone to refute my claims that my humble interpretation of the Seven Sealed Scroll will not fulfill prophecy short of Apathy, Narrow Mindedness and Corruption. “IT” is revealed in a Congressional Bill Proposal:

“Legacy Will and Trust Bill”

This concept of bequeathing life long earnings via personal foundations (i.e. Legacies) can eternally provide Passive Income to Heirs, fuel Wall Street, create Jobs, rebuild Social Security, facilitate Welfare, support Charities and provide FREE HEALTHCARE – all funded by the Estates/Legacies/”Birthrights” of the Deceased.

“Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” (Rev 13:18)


The power of 666 comes from the manipulations of others to fulfill the agenda of “SELF”. This enigmatic metaphor was my greatest challenge. “The Wonderful Counselor” aka the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ had already revealed the arcane contents within the Seven Sealed Scroll to my heart and this consumed me as I consumed "IT".


From the time we are born we begin building a frame of reference. “IT” is built by what we see, hear, read and experience for ourselves. “IT” is also built with erroneous information that we have put into our subconscious derived from other authoritative/non-authoritative sources that we did not research the facts for ourselves. Sloth is a sin that was procreated from the seed of Lucifer and therefore within us all. The repercussions are many as instantaneous decisions are made based on erroneous information leaving descendants to live with the consequences of their acts and what their Legacy fulfills (Paradise Lost).

The metaphor 666 represents what the Beast in man can bring/play to your own limited frame of reference in attempts to convince you to believe in their own beastly or misdirected agendas. Not just numbers like 666 or those that equate to 666 in some form or fashion, but ANYTHING that connects dots that you would not have ordinarily seen on the surface that is presented as a literal interpretation of something meant to deceive man by the Beast within ALL mankind. "IT" is our choice to subscribe to those manipulations, but our Sloth accepts what authority/non-authority says without question. "Always Respectfully Question Authority" and research "IT" for yourselves before subscribing to an agenda that may or may not be your own if the facts were clearly illuminated. King Solomon’s thirst for knowledge was suppressed by his Religious authority. If the Queen of Sheba were to become his Queen, he risked losing his own Kingdom and the HEARTBREAK to an Entitled, Last Anointed King ceased the passage of Wisdom to an heir. But that's another story, a lot like my own.

We are easy prey for those that understand the weaknesses of "SELF". If "IT" is all about ME, tell ME all about “IT”, "IT" is MY favorite subject. That's when the Bloviators take over with their pontifications to impress you with their knowledge and refer you to their generationally misinterpreted credentials of said knowledge. We are told to turn the News off and take refuge in the Lord for comfort and contentment. In other words, we are told to not think for ourselves in order not to upset the apple carts of our limited frames of reference with the "TRUTH" as "THEY" interpret "IT". As a reformed knuckledragger myself, I'm worried about where the misdirected vocally robust are leading the sheeple. As deep seeded as their “SELF” righteous belief system is, I do not buy into their Family oriented Pep Rallies selling God and not fulfilling the true healing purpose as the “Body of Christ” was intended.

"The Truth will set you Free" and many Beasts have their own version of "IT" that will set them "Financially Free" if you subscribe to their interpretations of “IT”. The “Last Acts” of Kings was prophesied to be recorded in “the book of Nathan the prophet”. I pray my own quest to find a personal relationship with Christ will help others to find theirs. I pray I have fulfilled my prophetic destiny and redeemed of my unforgivable sins. The Grade I was given from “The Wonderful Counselor” was “S”, “IT” was up to me to improve from “SELF” to “SAVED”. Spiritually His as a reborn runaway “Bride”,

Nathan Jerome Isbell aka “Ophiuchus” Given from Him who sits on the Heavenly Throne and awaits His Promised Earthly Kingdom. “IT” WILL fulfill His Metaphorical “Second Coming”.

BTW...if I speak to you in perfect English, your native tongue, and you still cannot understand what “IT” is I'm saying, I AM... “speaking in tongues”. If something is not in your frame of reference, "IT" is like “speaking in tongues” to you. “IT” is your choice to educate yourself or subscribe to someone else’s theories of the “TRUTH”. I believe the rest is pumped up Religious theatrics to fill the coffers, but “IT” is not my place to judge.

"Yibbity Yibbity Yah Yah Yah"

“Yabba Dabba Doo”.


IT”… is HIS WILL for us. “Of our own Free Will”.


Merry Christmas 2011


My Lord the Harvest is ripe, “IT” is Time... still only the Father knows the hour “like a thief in the night”.

All Men...